About Mohu

MoHu is a celebration of the vitality of the arts and culture in the Capital Region of New York State, the area
that borders the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers.

2012 marks the second annual arts festival to be held every October in Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer and Saratoga
counties. MoHu features theatre, dance, music, visual and random acts of art throughout the region.

The MoHu festival raises awareness of the diversity and quality of the arts within the region; the areas bordering the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, and the region within 50+ kilometers of their convergence. MoHu is helping to foster collaboration and cooperation between the area’s thriving arts communities.

The contribution of the arts to the local economy goes beyond the rarely measured financial and economic contribution to communities. Arts and culture activities are economic drivers and are critical to the quality of life in our communities, high on the list for potential businesses and others who may be contemplating relocation. These nine days will bring expanded audiences into our region and be a celebration of the vibrancy and diversity that makes our area so great. And with your help everyone participating will be counted. Show your support for the arts and for how much our region has to offer. Attend MoHu and be counted.

Nearly 150 regional arts and cultural organizations coordinated several hundred events. From performances to exhibitions, gallery openings and lectures, MoHu will offer attendees a wide array of experiences and unique collaborations.

MoHu 2012 starts Friday, October 5. Check the calendar for events. Check in on Facebook, Four Square and Twitter when you attend a MoHu event. Have your particpation in the arts and MoHu be counted. Let your friends and family know about MoHu. The arts need your support so CHECK IN and GET YOUR MOHU (gear)!.